All The WordPress!

(some people play guitar until their fingers bleed. I tag posts until mine do)

I write a lot of things, for a lot of people, and enjoy it 99% of the time (that 1% constitutes those days on this blog when I can’t think of an idea but bash hopelessly away at my keyboard just to keep my streak going). Quite a few of these things are on, or hosted by, WordPress, and collecting all of these sites on my homepage has presented a rather interesting fact about my life: I have five simultaneous projects on this one site. Five.

I can scroll through the stats pages of five different websites. I can right-click to access my admin page five times, and for five different admin pages. I can ignore WordPress’s annoying ‘plan’ adverts five times over! I don’t know why this excites me: it might be a cousin of the simple delight of completing a thing, that I can feel a bit more like a proper writer if I can see all of my ongoing projects collected in one place, like a kind of self-validating CV that only I can see; or these serve as tangible pieces of evidence that I’m actually writing things, instead of claiming to be a writer, then spending months on end eating Morrisons’ Salt & Vinegar Twists in bed in my underpants while struggling with ‘writers’ block’.

Doing things is a great feeling, and writing is my favourite kind of doing to spend my time with; it’s just an interesting logistical quirk that it’s all collected in one place. It probably says something about how good WordPress is as a site, but I’m annoyed at the fact that the complex editor is so hard to access, so I’m gonna save that.

Screw you WordPress, but cheers for the websites ❤


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