I’m changing my policy on capital letters

(still a more thought-out policy u-turn than those of the Tory government. Zing!)

For those of you who’ve been around for a while, you may have noticed a slight shift in the titling of these posts, namely this one and the previous one. You may not have realised, and you still may not care, but I have decided to abandon my policy of capitalising the first letter of every word in the title, and this is honestly a brilliant feeling up there with discovering there’s a term for my sexuality, and winning the FA Cup with York on FM2013.

I’ve maintained my fascistic capitalisation for literally years now because of the sense of security and stability that it offered. When I started this blog, I was still in the midst of my 6am-9pm waking pattern (which I kept up for three solid years), and my life was defined by how much Geography homework I’d done versus how many History essays I’d have yet to do. I was in the A-level world of relentlessness, repetition and the mundane, the world that many university students excel in but eventually grow out of, and like Geography homework, I’ve grown out of this capital letter nonsensery that is (apart from this blog) perhaps the only link I have back to my old school days; because I’m an English student, I’m highlighting the end of an era for me with grammar.

What changed my stance on capital letters – aside from the growing realisation that longer titles look very messy if there are capital letters dotted around the place – was my writing for The News Hub, an online journalism platform that my posts have become increasingly barren on as my attention gets pulled in a thousand directions by lovely but inconsiderate things like a Stretch Armstrong doll. The site’s style guide asks writers to only capitalise the first letters of proper nouns, and the word that opens the headline, as the standard rules of grammar dictate, and I soon saw that, aesthetically, my titles on there looked way better than my peasantish capitalised scrawlings on this site. I’m also starting another writing project (which I’ve been trying to launch for a week but I promise is being worked on, don’t hate me) for which I produced a scary-looking style guide that uses the same capitalising policy as The News Hub; I felt that it’d be grossly hypocritical for me to demand an interpretation of the laws of grammar from my collaborators, when I wasn’t sticking to that interpretation myself.

So I hope you like the new titles, that should be less vulgar for your poor, delicate eyes to behold. And if not, go look at something fuzzier, and more deeply relaxing.

Like softcore VHS porn.


17 thoughts on “I’m changing my policy on capital letters

        1. I think the bracket-radar is the best invention I’ve ever heard of. And how’s hibernation been, I’ve not heard from you in ages? (unless I’ve missed all your posts in the Reader like a terrible person)

          Plz don’t hate me.

            1. Not particularly; I’d just rather focus on more numerical things (YAY INTRGRALS) I mean school.

            2. INTRGRALS? INTRGRALS!

              And that makes sense – I can justify my endless writing by me doing an English degree, so it’s not total procrastination, but I imagine that’s harder if you’re doing maths?

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