Five hours of Mario Kart and NOFX

(they don’t want visitors in … Rainbow Road?)

Today I had a day off. No studying, no work, no flat admin-sorting, no blog-launching, no article-writing, no food-buying, nothing but this post, a walk, and five hours of playing Mario Kart: Double Dash!! while listening to NOFX.

I could make some lofty-ass point about the juxtaposition of an often-political, always-offensive American hardcore band and a fictional realm basically designed for children where the greatest problem is a terrible movie tie-in that no-one mentions, but I don’t want to. I’ve spent today sitting on my arse and trying to avoid making grandiose points about nothing, which is important considering that so much of my life (i.e. my writing projects) is about finding interesting things to say about the mundane, deriving complex pleasures from stuff that’s just a bit of a laugh.

But today was all about those laughs. I don’t get many of these any more, but frak I enjoyed it today.


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