I’m as successful as a single bad YouTube video!

(or at least as popular)

I know that my last post wasn’t particularly inspired, and this one won’t be hugely amusing, but today is a rather momentous day for this little WordPress-suffixed writing world I’ve been bashing my fingers into for the last two years or thereabouts; today, after 602 posts, and three days shy of our second anniversary, we’ve hit 20,000 views! (which is, in very general terms, the threshold for a YouTube video being considered just about watchable, in my estimation)

I’d like to say thanks to you – obviously, you may have noticed I slipped into the first-person plural ‘we’ for a second there – for making me a writer; obviously I would have completed the task of writing had it not been for this blog, but ‘being a writer’ is, to me, a broader definition, encompassing producing things that people want, and engaging with the people that read them. It’s a far more fluid, communal affair than the archetypal writer I aspired to be when I started this project, stoically sitting atop a perilously tall tower, writing social commentary on an old Macbook while aggressively  and paradoxically distancing myself from that society.

And, honestly, it’s made writing into a far more human, and interesting, pastime than I could have imagined. As much as I love the sound of my own voice, I can’t write 600 pieces just for myself; I take greater pride in the fact that comments are at an all-time high, than I do shame in that views have dried up recently. I think and write, and you read and think, which is a wonderful relationship that I wouldn’t change for anything.

So you’ll e stuck with me for another 20,000 views, and 20,000 after that. Sorry, but if you reckon I’m an annoying tit by this point, remember that you made me this way.


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