Does anyone play Bloodbowl II?

(on PS4, that is)

I might – might – have a slight addiction to Bloodbowl II, Cyanide’s gamification of Games Workshop’s excellent Warhammer-American Football mashup. I can’t tell if I like the PS4 game Bloodbowl II – because gods I can see ways in which it sucks as a game – or the tabletop game of Bloodbowl, but I’m loving my time with it nonetheless.

That title is a bit of a joke – I’m not expecting too many people to pop up as closet Bloodbowl fans on my Newsfeed – but there’s a serious aspect to it, that I want to play Bloodbowl (and indeed most of my games) with more people. Having ploughed through rounds of Monopoly and Mario Kart with my friends recently, I’m seeing the potential for games to be the backdrops and introductions to meaningful social interactions, rather than lonely time-wasters. And yes, I understand that I’ve come to this Earth-shattering conclusion about twenty years after the gaming industry did, but I’d just not experienced it for myself.

It’s also worth noting that I’m not a fan of playing games with strangers; I’m not afraid of people I don’t know, I just prefer to use games to cement and develop existing relationships than use them to spark entirely new ones. I’ve had an Internet connection and games like Star Wars Battlefront and Frozen Cortex for years, but have never really got into the multiplayer side if said second player wasn’t a close friend of mine. Ideally, I’d drag nine buddies together so we could start our own ten-person Bloodbowl league, playing games every weekend and generally having a lovely time, but I know that won’t happen; in the meantime, I’ll scratch my chin about the prospect of paying to play online through PS+, while enthusing about my single-player exploits to my decidedly uninterested friends, for a bit longer.


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