Shut up Medics, I’m gonna moan about being busy

(that title also applies to Law students)

Okay, I get it. You’re in classes, or labs, or literally pulling mangled, half-breathing bodies out of the fiery wrecks of roadside accidents as part of your bafflingly unfair new Junior Doctors contract, for 22 and a half hours a day; meanwhile I get one lecture a week and will probably walk into a cushy marketing job when I graduate. I accept that objectively your life is busier and harder than mine.

But who needs perspective when it comes to pain and harm?

I signed up for a degree with lots of free time, and lots of opportunities to expand my creative portfolio that will be, if anything, more important than my actual qualification when I’m trying to get a job in a creative industry. It just so happens that said creative shenanigans have smashed into actual academic responsibilities, creating a wonderful few evenings in which I shall have to write a 4,000-word essay on a tenth century preface detailing the importance of education in a largely illiterate society, while researching the games nominated for the biggest gaming awards ceremony of the year before writing about said ceremony. It’s hard, and I’m stressed and anxious and fearful that I’ll let my grade slip or let my friends and collaborators down. And it’s shit.

And it’s wonderful and rewarding and self-improving and exciting.

Balancing lots of things is basically an exercise in chucking a load of adjectives at a situation and finding they’re all totally relevant. So I’m busy, and am feeling all the good and bad things to come with it.

So screw you Medics, I’m tired too.


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