About Me

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Evening all,

Because I am such a diverse and sophisticated individual, the sort you could write a seven-season drama on the life of and release it to an audience of seven million viewers on HBO, I’ve decided to split the ‘about’ page into two separate ones; either that or I just wanted to have more than just one clickable page thingy in that menu on the side.

My name’s James, a second-year English student from London, studying at UCL, which is simultaneously ranked 5th best in the world for academic achievement, and 101st in the country for student satisfaction, which is quite fun. I’ve had type one diabetes since I was seven, my favourite pastime is writing – at the moment there’s this blog, a collab blog, a writing blog, about three on-and-off novels and a magazine on my plate – and my greatest fear is realising on my deathbed that I’ve done nothing with my life, so apologies in advance if half of these posts are me bitching about how painfully busy I am in an attempt to make this fear never come true.

I also swear a lot, both in real-life and this blog, but I sensor the c-word, and replaced the f-word with ‘frak’, largely to see if anyone gets the reference; but I try to offend you with my ideas and content, not the fancy lettering I use to present them.

And for the record, I hate how my middle name is plastered all over this blog, my Facebook profile, my NaNoWriMo page, and everything else I’m involved in; it started with my email address a few years ago and has stuck ever since. I promise I’m not that pretentious all the time. Hopefully

Cheers for giving me the time of day, and hope we don’t hate each other immediately,
James x

Acknowledgements and cool folks: Tim McIlrath and Rise Against, Charlie Brooker, Barry Shitpeas and Philomena Cunk, Khyan Mansley, Charlie McDonnell, John Green, Dante Alighieri, Hank Green, Justin Sane and Anti-Flag, Oscar Wilde, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Mr Lordi, OX, Otus and the rest of the Supermonstars, both past and present, Ariel and Icon For Hire, Jack Kerouac, Becca Need-Menear, Jamie Finch and Anavae, Emma Blackery, JD Salinger, Stephen and Mal Georg, Classified, Benjamin Cook, Jim Lindberg and Pennywise, Chuggaaconroy and The Runaway Guys, George Eliot, Lex Croucher, Oscar Huglin and Reece Best, PurpleRodri, Martin Billany, Blake Swift and my entire Football Manager 2013 York side, both past and present.

61 thoughts on “About Me

            1. I’m not that athletic. I found it was more of a mental thing – if you want to do it enough, you can probably make it without dying. At least that’s what I thought, but it wasn’t that fun by the time I got to Gold.

    1. Hey, chain letters, glorified or otherwise, are always welcome! Especially if they involve Nigerian Princes and their worryingly easy means to access their fortunes!

      But seriously thank you – I don’t write for the sake of awards, but it’s really cool to know that at least one person likes this thing 🙂

          1. Yeah well, at the time I started my blog I wanted to keep my identity out of it so I only used Beka instead of my full name which is long and nobody can spell. At this point, I’m kind of attached to the tag and feel that changing it is pointless.

      1. total mammoth to write, I can assure you. And yes they’ll all be like that XD
        I suppose it’s my way of both appreciating people and I guess…like, with blog awards I just don’t know where to start so in this way everybody gets the Z-love (I nearly wrote J-Lo there DONT EVEN ASK)

          1. HAZAAR! Here’s to hoping I can churn out the next four by the end of the holidays. *gulp*
            Muuuuuusttttt ttttypppeeee AHHH

            1. Heheh XD
              Wait endlessly? 0.O oh if only blogging could be classed as coursework..then time wouldn’t be an obstacle here

            2. Hmm (tries to think of substitute)
              Can you click your fingers? Like the sassy snappy kind?

            3. AWW. BLESS.
              ITS OK. YOU HAVE LIKE, UMM
              You have files with file dividers and assuming some are lever arch you can snap the thingy DOWN IN PLACE.
              BAM. Sorted

            4. Not that much – most of it is books, as opposed to notes. And it’s all related, so there’s not much point splitting my big pile of stuff into little piles like I did at school when I’d do different subjects.

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