About This Blog

(two About pages are better than one!)

Back for more self-describing shenanigans are we? Excellent. This page will set out what this blog really is, because I do find myself explaining it to new friends and people on WordPress often, but always in slightly different and confused ways, so this is my attempt to stop that.

Essentially, this blog is about me; in practice, this means posts range from updates about my life, opinions that I have about things in the world, basic facts about myself, and so forth. Also, I have free reign to write structured posts, about puns and pickup lines, as opposed to pieces of prose (or even poetry), because anything I think of logically comes under the umbrella of ‘me’.

And I think it’s important to have an idea what you’re doing when creating something, be it in writing, in painting or whatever; even if, as is the case here, that purpose is painfully vague and pretty egotistical, it’s good to have a basic framework that you can create within. Creativity is such a varied and diverse field of stuff that it’s often difficult to find what you’re interested in; and while I don’t think all art should be categorised and separated from each other into neat little boxes, there is a practical element that everyone these days can publish pictures, words and songs online for others to hear, so a few definitions and boundaries are important.

So if you want a rambling, self-obsessed blog with new posts every day, this is the place for you!

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