My Other Projects

(because I can’t be contained with just three blogs!)

Here’s a list of sites I write for in and outside of WordPress; posts on these are more sporadic, and are likely to be more in line with that the individual magazines want me to write, other than the narcissistic jazz odyssey that makes up this blog’s editing process.

The Zone of Proximal Development
A collaborative blogging project involving myself and three of my friends, where every day one of us writes on a topic, and the others respond and suggest new material to work from in the following days.

My Writing Blog
My personal platform for writing fiction, poetry and more ‘serious’ pieces. Updates are very sporadic, as I focus on quality as opposed to frequency.

Public Pressure
An arts and culture magazine with an impressively broad range of writers and a clear direction, to introduce and promote alternative aspects of culture.

UCL’s student arts magazine, that manages to cover an impressive range of culture without so much as touching on video games or online video; I often write music reviews – both of gigs and albums – on here.

The News Hub
A site where writers can publish almost any journalistic piece they want, and can even be paid for them if the viewing figures are good enough; this last clause means that I’ll probably be plugging my posts on here to you guys endlessly.

A new sports magazine that focuses on martial arts, and has a broader goal to reduce discrimination in sport. It’s also run by my karate sensei, which means I have walked into a writing gig because I’m capable of kicking people in the face.

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