Other Great Bloggers

(according to my, inconsistent and totally egotistical, method of determining who’s worth your time or not)

Blogging, as with all kinds of art, is best done with other people, who can both validate your pretentious existence as a creative person who feels that your ideas are worth other people engaging with, and offer criticism and improvements to said ideas. With that in mind, here is a list of friends and bloggers who are well worth reading, if you have the time / patience / interest / ability to read words after ploughing through one of my posts.

Also, apologies if you didn’t make this coveted list, it doesn’t mean I don’t respect or appreciate you as a blogger! It just wouldn’t be much of a list if I included everyone – if we’re all on a list, doesn’t that really mean none of us are?

The Adventures of Beka

The Hoax of a Digital Life

Izzy Mehmet

My Open Letters To

Deep Blues and Seafoam Greens

Amy Listens To Songs

Just Elm

Lewis J Hooper

James Willoughby

Maya’s Blog (which isn’t on WordPress but I’ll let it slide because it’s rather good)

Damsel In A Dress (who’s apparently upgraded to her own URL instead of piggybacking off a WordPress link unlike the rest of us peasants)

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